February 8th, 2010


Wow, a great Monday.

I got up and decided to go to the avenue before the "BIG BLAST"  of snow hit us. only just as I was  turning the door knob, my other friend Mike came in and gave me a bunch of flyers for the Build your own burger night. Yeah. He agreed to take me to the avenue and I got that done and didn't have to brave the icy sidewalks, of which there certainly are oodles around here.
My pal Bob wanted me to go with him to 1. help him walk in to the art store  2. pump gas and 3 buy him 6 candy bars, dark chocolate. ( this is the guy who is diabetic, remember)

Got all that done and then received notice that my pal Serge would be getting his birthday from me after all. I ordered him " The Genuise of Japanese carpentry" from Amazon dot com.  He is supposed to get  it on his birthday. not a bad day!
I then put on sauler  kraut and polish sausage and then, the UPS dude came to my door with my new anime. yeah.. " Red Garden".

this day just  doesn't stop!

so now I'm watching that and waiting for the snow and freezing everything to come.