February 5th, 2010

Scare you button3

I'm getting popular around here!

That's three times this week the lady has called on me! I have a feeling, this isn't simply going to go away. oh well. must be the muscles and intelligence I have that attracts her (  self  praise, half scandal!)  At least thats what my grandfather always said.  I'm sitting here, listening to the wind howling outside.  We just missed that horrendous snow storm they're having out east. I wish we had it here.

I made like Wimpy tonight for dinner: two hamburgers.  ok, grease burgers.  but I didn't wait till tuesday to pay for them.
I will watch "Red Garden" monday, night.  Right now, I'm watching the last episode of "To Heart". I don't care what the reviewers say, I think its an endearing series. 
I only wish I could watch "Fist of the North Star".  That's one series I like to watch when snowed in in January or February. 

But, I guess "To Heart" will have to do.

for now.