February 2nd, 2010

Boys be boys

blowing snow, the oscar nominations, and two piazza's delivered..

thats right. I thought instead of cooking tonight, I'd order a piazza. 5:30PM it came. yum.  then a second piazza came at 6:30PM.!!! what? my pal Kelly had ordered a piazza to, and for some reason, they thought they should deliver it to the same address!  I called my pal and he was surprised: he was waiting for his dinner. He got his piazza and I got mine. I decided before I figured out how to balance the budget this coming month, I'd watch a nice series, without blood, robots, space ships and cat girls.   " Boys be boys".
Either that, or "Heart to heart".  its snowing and blowing it all over the place.  but its not frigid. yet.
The ground hog, bless his heart, gave us 6 more weeks or months of winter. that depends your outlook in life. me, I think 6 more months of blowing snow.
read the oscar list of nominations. This year is going to be tough. wife's work vs ex-husbands work. thats  got to be a first. along with nominating a women for best director ( I guess thats only the third time thats happened).

I think my one neighbor may be making eyes at me. oh well.