January 31st, 2010


sleepy time cats, warm AV receivers, and cozy kitties.

computers, cats, dirty dishes.  Did I mention I did the laundry too?  This is how my Sunday was spent. Yeah.  Had oodles of  trouble with AT&T internet. I'm glad I know  as much as I do.  I also thought, after 4 years, to watch Evangelion.  I never understood that series.  the only thing that seemed to make sense was the "Fan Service". ( why do they call it Fan service?)
 it's about 24 degrees outside and was even colder last night. So why did I see two cats running in the middle of the street at midnight? followed a little later by rocky raccoon walking down the same street?  What is wrong with people letting their animals out on a night like last night?

So, I guess values change, huh?

oh, about the boob study. i've been looking at it to see if there might be something confounding  the study.  but, won't know till you look it over carefully.  good practice, huh.