January 28th, 2010


A warm cat on a cold night.....

Gosh, 9 degrees and dropping.  I had to pump gas for my friend tonight and I want to tell you squeezing a gas nozzle freezes your fingers, not to mention the nice wind chill hovering below zero.
and over here, February is usually our coldest moth.

I-Pad???   who ever thinks up these names. Think about it.

I tried my hand at creating a DVD using You Tube stuff. Wow, do I ever need a Mac!!!   My desktop is ok for small stuff, but trying to do video is way beyond its capability.  ah. I remember the good old days when I could edit any audio file and mix it using my trusty 386DX40.  Now, Adobe bought the little company out and increased the price by 400%    It was called "Cool Edit". Great little program.

I hope you all are warmer than scooter the cat and I am.