January 27th, 2010


"I'm dreaming of a .........oh nuts!"

you know what I mean. it's snowy, cold with the temp dropping, and walking is yuckie.  loose snow covering ice.
I need a vacation...Will one of you adopt me??? please........ especially, if you live in a southern climate, like tahiti, pago pago. ok, Japan would be nice too.
Had a pretty good day. I got woke up by a phone call asking me to help them get to a web site????

Our church!  www.stisidoregr.org
oh well.

I couldn't get back to sleep so stayed up.  then we went shopping.  kitty litter, garbage bags, and of course, coffee and cookies.
Then visited a 91 year old friend and his sister. had short visit and left. got home and made din din. yummy jasmine rice and salad. yum yum.

Heard part of President Obama's speech, but when the camera's showed  the republicans expression, I left and started to watch "Witch Hunter Robin".
Now, I get to think over redoing the web sites I take care of. yeah.