January 26th, 2010

windows xp autumn

"An Artic Blast not from the past...."

Just watched the nasty radar showing the artic front moving this way. yuck.  But hey, 5 months  from now, when it's 88' degrees outside, this will be but a memory.
Had to do the laundry again. Scooter the cat kept telling me that the blankets needed washing. drats the cat.

scooter on the banister
Above photo, scooter the cat mounts the stairway banister. He is on sentry duty.  He loves to do sentry duty.
I am thinking about continuing my story I started two years ago. actually, my brother started it while sitting under a pine tree hanging with his pals.
It is called  " Mellon". a working title.  Now to please a finicky cat so I can stay warm during this coming artic cold snap.