January 25th, 2010

windows xp autumn

On a snowy, cold night.

Watching "The Search for Spock". This brings back good memories. I sat and watched the first run of both "The Search for Spock" and "The Breakfast Club". Good flicks.
Today was a so-so day. I spent oodles of time downloading from "You Tube". You might try and give a listen to Elisa's Luce. Some great stuff, hey what.
As a said right off, it is snowing and the temp is droping. My pal who left here Saturday,  left behind 40 degree weather and ran into 17 degree's and today, a near white out condition. I was so tempted to laugh about that, but now, he's snowed in for the  rest of this week. Did I mention, the reason he left to quickly was so he could get home so his wife could travel to different colleges. Now, she's snowed in too.

Ah, I love Michigan......
So, now, with "You Tube" stuff downloaded, should I create a musical CD, or a DVD???????
I found Kenji Kawaii 's  cinena symphony at "You Tube", but nothing available on a production DVD. Hmmm???? But, this is something to do on a

a snowy, cold night..