January 24th, 2010

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Look out airplane, here I come!

My pal's family bought him an two seat airplane when he retired several years ago. It's not a lear jet, just a small, one engine prop. But, for me to ride in it, I have to get under the weight capacity of the horsepower the engine produces. ( this is a fancy way to say I have to lose my lard butt and start eating the good things)
So, starting right off, I made two great salads for last night and tonights dinner. yum. Now, the exercise. lets see, outside right now its raining, which means there are pools of water covering ice. ok.
This is  something to look forward to this coming summer when he comes through on his way up to he island.
I'll try to take before and after photos.  
But a word about losing weight.  "The Biggest Losers" are just that. The only thing your going to lose in one month is water, or worse, muscle. It takes a while to get ones body to start converting fat adipose cells into energy. and thats not in one month. You can start exercising, that's a great way to get  your body to change from the storing mode to the using mode.
but enough from me. Look it all up. the human body is a wonderful machine.
now off to the races...