January 22nd, 2010

windows xp autumn

Time to update/upgrade my web sites.....

I see DeepDiscounts already changed their site. I kind of wish they would have updated the files from the old site. They didn't.
Friday started out ok. I made out the stupid water bill and decided to walk up and mail it. yeah... I walked out on the porch and here comes my pal. He got caught up with catching up on old times with his friends. He stayed the night. who's he think he is???
Tonight, he's visiting his grand daughter Claira Rose. A real cutie. I gave her a "Bear" to take care of.
My buddy coming back here to pack up: he's headed home for the next 8 weeks, then back here for a license upgrade class the state of Michigan requires.
I'm finishing up watching "Ergo Proxy". I really enjoy this series.
back to the drawning board.