January 17th, 2010

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Hell Girl......it kind of grows on you.

Got woke up on a lazy Sunday morning by my pal serge from Minnesoda. We had wake up coffee and decided to heck with making breakfast, we'd go out.  Now that was  the first mistake of the day.   I told Serge that a couple of eateries had closed doors and thats when he spotted what used to be called Pilafs. Now, its under new management. whoopie!
Under the old management, for Easter lunch last year, they offered gravy and bisques??????  ok. but thats the only thing they had!
This year, they're under new  ownership and are now called "The Place". Ok so far. The menu was full of omettes and other yummy breakfast fair. 
then we ordered. That was  at 10:05AM.
We had our food brough to us at 11:09AM!  Some customers actually ordered and then, after an hour, left.
The food was good, but Serge gave me the dirty look when I left $2.00 TIP. The waitress wasn't responsible for the poor performence of the cooks.

So now, he's off visiting his daughter and son in law and I'm Watching "Hell Girl", Disc 4.  It kind of grows on you. Give it a chance.
More later.