January 15th, 2010


TGIF......yes, indeed.

Tonight is the night when I should be calling up my "honey" and planing on where to go and what to do tonight. Instead, I'm sitting here watching The Nightly News from Israel. and.....planing on holding Scooter the cat and scratching him and telling him what a good boy he is..

This, my friends, is what is refered to as growing up. You can all look forward to holding a cat on your lap and scratching them while other folks go out and dance, sing, have a great time, perhaps even get smashed. ( its good to do that once and awhile)

so, today I spent walking up three blocks to mail 24 newsletter. picture water, covering ice, and no matter what you do, you slide. yikes. it took me a whole 60 minutes to navigate those 3 blocks without falling down on my butt. But, I did find the emergency aid frequency on the short wave band for Haiti. I heard nothing. oh well.