January 12th, 2010

windows xp autumn

sleepy time cat

Ah, sleeping animals. Scooter the cat leaped up on my lap and promply fell asleep. My pal stopped by and we went to Natuckets backery: 4 oat meal cookies, 2 skones and one large loaf of sour dough bread. We then came back and got gas, cookies and had two burger king jr.'s. I'm kind of getting used to eating at Burger king, even though the help seems really spaced out most of the time ( how can one mix up one whopper jr, small fry and coffee? They did).
ate my dinner and decided to do a little laundry since my pal from icy Minnisoda is coming over sometime this coming week. yeah.
windows xp autumn

Majon buu??

I can't believe I spent most of the day cleaning out my cd. wow, what a bunch of useless junk I collected over the years. They seemed great at the time.
Now I go for more refined material, like watching one hundred hours of Dragonball Z, Wolf's Rain, Outlaw star, just to mention a few of the classic educational titles I have. (ok, I'll wait till you get over laughing).
But, whats next? Gundam Operations? sailor moon, fist of the north star??????