January 7th, 2010

windows xp autumn

this is so cool......

MHZ, on our PBS station, is showing NHK world news. within that show, is a little show on teaching the Japanese language. It is very interesting and this is stuff we can use on our trip to Tokyo..
So, when exactly did a dream of visiting Japan move on to the lets plan the trip? When I got tired of pretending and started actually figuring out how much it would cost and what will I see when I get there. Now thats a tough one. Just interacting with the people could be trip in itself. I have time to plan the rest, but unless something unforeseen comes up.

We're in a winter storm warning till 4AM Friday. I wish this was the heavy stuff that I can shovel off, but this is not the case. this is that weird stuff that is about as big as a pin top. but, it melts when it hits the ground, and then, freezes. boy howdy.

I walked up to the store to get a candy bar, because I wanted to get some exercise to lose weight. ??????
ok. think that one over.
Happy Friday dudes and dudettes.