January 4th, 2010


A pretty good start to the first Monday of the New Year.

well, if you don't count; 1. going over to an art supply store and picking out 18 pencils that cost $1.49 each. 5 pieces of white board and 2 eraser pencils.
2. then going to Natucket bakery and getting 12 oatmeal cookies at $1.34 each, 6 skones and one loaf of sour dough bread for $36.00
3. then going to the grocery store to pick up milk and junk food. and then lastly, going to the gas station and putting in $40.13
4. coming home and getting a phone call from a guy who wants to move in because I'm a push over. yeah.... Did I mention my pal is in the hospital with pancreitis? fun fun fun.

oh, the first part of the above was for my diabetic friend who had his leg removed. I don't want him to try and use a walker in this weather.

So, here I be, checking out Twitter and blog and lJ. Best things that I found.
I'm watching "Texhnolyze". I just wish I could watch "Fist of the North Star". I do miss Ken.