December 31st, 2009


Kind of like a big fact sheet on what I've accomplished... stole it from "Nextcentury"

Hold old were you during this decade?

The major events that happened to me during this decade (in chronological order...)
-- started feeding feral cats ( 2001) and two came in....scooter and patches
-- went through heck and back dealing with strong personality types (2001-2004)
-- causually started makes more friends than I knew what to do with(2003-2010)
-- Started thinking through writing my first manuscript (2004)
-- Started planing on finishing graduate school- till I checked my wallet!(2003-2010)
-- Once again ( more than once) was encouraged to finish grad school and get into practice.
-- for two times during this past decade, I had to put one of my samoyed rescue dogs to sleep.
-- got involved with carpenter and learned oodles about constructing a house (2007)
-- watched my brother die in front of me (2007)
-- had terrible time with finances after brothers death.

What jobs have you had?
-- none this past decade

Where have you traveled?
-- no place yet, but am planing on going to Japan, Hong Kong, Austrailia, see "SUE" at field museum in Chicago ill.

Where have you lived and who have you lived with? (WOW this got complex.)
-- same place. same channel.

How many weddings have you been in/gone to?
-- none. all my friends are either living together or are already married.

How many funerals?
-- 3. My brother. one of my best friends Bruce and a really sweet lady who passed away at 88.

Television shows you've loved?
-- Ergo Proxy
-- Dragonball Z season 1 to 8
-- all Akira Kurasawa movies

Did you gain or lose any pets in the last decade?
-- Odie the rescue dog. I cried like a little kid!
-- Blaze another rescue dog who was sick from when I got him. I hugged him while he passed over.
-- Scooter the cats mom. I called her mom. she brought her kittens here to feed.

Most Memorable New Years:
2009. this years. I'm watching Edmud Obrien in D.O.A. just like I did 48 years ago.

What is the best thing that has happened to you in the last decade?
-- to see all the people come to help me when I was in a very bad place/way.

What is the worst thing that has happened to you in the last decade?
discovering how nasty companies and people can be to each other.

What have you acheived in the last decade?
Becoming a real grownupTM!amen

What do you hope to acheive by 2020 and how old will you be?
i really want to develop my knowlege and ability in clinical psychology. publish. publish.
write a text book? hope to maybe catch up on old old friends ( and flames?)
at theend of 2020 I'll be 70???