December 27th, 2009


snow, slippery roads and hot chicken noodle soup. yum

went grocery shopping for some last of the year food. ok, a bag of chips, 5 cans of soup and a gallon of milk. I'm turning a new corner: health food from now on, except on Fridays, saturdays and sundays and also special days, like monday ......
Look out Tofu.
I'm watching "Heroic Trio". I've got this thing for Asia movies lately. I also just finished watching the Pang Brothers "THe Eye", the eye 2 and the eye infinity. It's nice to be scared once and a while.
I thought it might be nice to do laundry once more before Next year comes. It's hard to believe 2010 is just over the hill. wow, what will the next ten years bring us.