December 25th, 2009


"MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all"

wrapping paper balled up at my feet. scooter the cat sniffing the paper from the "Cat" owner. My neighbor comes over and brings me a surprise gift: A huge "SUE" beach towel! Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex that is home now in the Field Museum in Chicago. Wow, I didn't see that one coming. but then again, she didn't see the brand new Black Eyed Peas CD I got her along with BOyunce's I and The Fray's How to save a Life CD. Yeah. She didn't see that one coming either. Of course, scooter the cat got two 14 lb. bags of Eucnbanna cat food. yum. and a can of special kitty food.
Santa ( another Santa from across town) brought me a Transceiver. Boy howdy.

Is there a way this could become a better Christmas? yup. I'm now watching Gamera, the invincible. YES.

Here's wishing you all got to where you were going this Holiday Season and that you all have a
Merry Christmas.