December 23rd, 2009


boy, everybody's fighting over something

I've chatted with several friends tonight, and golly, they all have personal troubles going on. I remember families having fun (ok, we fought like cats and dogs too!)
we didn't sing carols, but I used to throw snowballs at a girl named carol.
its late. forgive me.
Tonight, while I was helping my neighbor with her music cd, I looked at the corner of my house and for one second, I imagined a real Christmas tree, with presents under it and tinsel, lights, bulbs, and a Nativity scene under it. I could almost smell the wonderful aroma of a huge urn of coffee perking while mom took us kids to her lodges Christmas party. ah, it was a wonderful time to be a kid.
walk by the huge department stores and see the joyous displays in the windows. it was one of the first street shows ever in America. it was great to be a kid.

New Years Eve was kind of special too. I had seven up, potato chips and Philadelphia cream cheese. yum. then stay up late and watch some of the worse movies ever made. ( I actually watched Plan nine from outer space as if it was a first run on tv) I saw hugh O'Brian in D.O.A..

ah. the feel of fresh air blowing through your hair.

ha. more like arctic whip lashing with ice crystals forming on your eyebrows. winter my butt. don't even get me talking about the idiots who shovel their sidewalks in front of their house, but forget the little matter of walking off the curb.
there. now I feel better. I just got back from walking up to the avenue. ( funny, when we were kids, we always refered to the main street at The Avenue, like it was very prestigious) I opened the door to my favorite barber and wished him and his pardner a Merry Christmas. ( I was going to tell them if they gave me $20 bucks, I wouldn't sing silent night to them, but I didn't. Christmas spirit and all)
Funny, I didn't notice much decorations out this year. The good thing, the churchs seem to be packed. "I wonder if this really is the end of the world and we just don't get it yet?"

I can now plan on what to do with my neighbor: should we go to imax and see Avatar? YES!!!!!
or, watch cop's reruns?

I think I'm going to be sick..........

everybody was gung fung fighting......

Yes, you just knew I would get a 50 martial arts DVD. mostly, the films are from Hong kong and China. Terrible camera work, but really great fight scenes.Just don't look too close and watch the acing, or try to find a plot.
I just checked the forecast: freezing rain and then......snow. ah., this is going to be one great Christmas. Yeah.
Now if I only had money to spend....I could get oodles of gifts for my loved ones.
if one wraps up an i.o.u., is it like a gift??? Didn't think so...
back to the Martial Arts fest.