December 22nd, 2009

windows xp autumn

picture this, warm sand, sunshine, gentle breeze and absolutely nothing to do.

Yeah. Not going to happen. But I think I have put the seed of an idea in my neighbor's mind about visiting another country. Montreal???? I was thinking like Asia, Japan, New Zealand ect ect. Montreal?? I guess.
but we've got time. I think a well thought out plan that allows 100% free time is the best.
but we'll see. I think its about a whole year off. She won't be able to go for 12 days till then. teachers.
well, time to go to beddy bye.

How to record from a microphone to a blank CD.

yes, I know,if I think about it long enough, I can come up with an explanation. my neighbor just recorded a music cd and now wants to record her reading a book so she can share it with her students. and people think education is non-existence.
our plans have changed: she is staying home and so am I. I'm re watching Dragonball Z, the cell games. I just love to hate cell. The one thing that has always interested me was why they named a character "Trunks". Dr.Briefs, ?????
ok, this is just a curiosity on my part. you know, like why does Dr.Gero hate humans so much.

questions, questions. now I'll shut up.

for a while that is.