December 20th, 2009

Yakari yawning

A dreary Sunday. Yuckie grey and mucky snow.

I think the brightest thing today is hearing that James Cameron's AVATAR is doing great. Hopefully, this will help expose a lot of people to the media of anime.
Otherwise, its a yuckie day. It reminds me of March. without spring being right around the corner.
A nice surprise was a early gift last night of cookies and a pair of jeans. My pal brought them over and it helped to brighten a otherwise so so Saturday night.
I watched Dragonball Z season three. Freeza is beating the living daylights out of Goku. and poor Bulma. Captain Ginyu is having a time of it.

"A princess marries a monkey?"

you heard it first right here. I'm watching a Martial Arts DVD collection of some of the most awful kung fung movies ever made. Right now, I'm watching "Kung Fung arts". a princess actually marries a monkey. yes, they have children????
I'm not going to go there, ok.
film at 11??