November 30th, 2009

Vidal two

interesting Monday....

my pal stopped by and wanted me to go with him to get 4 pencils: 2 dark green and 2 bright yellow. they are about $1.39 each. He's the artist I know and he's good. very perceptive and creative. I wish I could draw like that. but my artistic abilities seem to center around writing and being spontaneous.
Then he wanted to go to "Natucket Bakeries" for one dozen oatmeal cookies. yum. I got myself one snickers doodle. yum. now if it were only warm, I could have a nice cold glass of milk and a warm cookie!
Been spending oodles of time helping several of my friends deal with maleware and worms! especially the conflicker worm. finally found a way to deal with it. go to and go to the on line scanner. that should remove most if not all of it. then download Avast! anti-virus program and run it. that seems to remove the rest. and he didn't have to re-install the whole operating system! now thats doing something.

I am off to the kitchen to have lentil soup and a couple slices of polish rye bread. yum.
hey, if you'd like some, drop over..