November 17th, 2009

windows xp autumn

well, a nice kind of quiet day. had some hard work to do..

made a list of all the deceased members and friends. seeing all those friends just made things a lot difficutt. life is a lot less happy now. I'm glad they're all out of here, but I still miss their friendship in these rough times.

I also got a High Frequency transceiver today. the guys want to see, or should I say, hear me on HF, the short wave bands. should be interesting.
I made goulash, and boy, this time I got it right, even with the paprika. yeah.
I'm watching "Dirty Pair", one of the few animes I got from Best Buy. Try to find it now.
I found what the problem was with the power cable: the cable is pinched and broken. so I'll see if I can mend it. I'm sure not going to pay $38.99 for a new one. ( thats about $60.00 off)

well, time to change lobsters and dance some more.