November 16th, 2009


well, this was certainly a Monday to end all Mondays.

it started like crap: I woke up, once again to a dog barking and then, no aroma of coffee. Hmm. He decided to paint his friends basement, for free. what a nice guy.
actually, he is. it is a Monday after all.
then he took off and I went to make coffee. I was greeted by his bag of dirty laundry. there went my good Monday. I was tempted to place it outside in the driveway. I didn't.

I then sat down and started making my million phone call Monday: call the church hall and see if we can get it for this coming Wednesday night for the BIG DEAL, SPECIAL MEETING. actually, the meeting is so a technician can come and present options on how to deal with the lightening problem. I am supposed to be the technician to handle this stuff. I am! but, nobody seems to want to give me credit or believe anything I say.
I then called the club's V.P. and other assorted individuals and informed them of what had taken place.. oh well.
Then I talked to the actual technician and he was going to try something different. sounded great to me.
I then finished doing the laundry ( his not mine ) and went with the "Artist" to get paper. Gads, I can't believe how expensive artistic paper costs. I then also discovered how quickly one can get a nasty paper cut. ouch. one thing you absolutely do not want to do is bleed in an artist store, especially around paper..
then I got home and decided not to make goulash. tomorrow night is fast enough.
oh well.
busy day.
Dragonball Z

Wonder of wonders....Dragonball Z Season 4

I don't seem to remember this series. One of the best anime series I ever watched. I can still remember waiting for the next new series to show on Cartoon Network. Those were the days. Watching first run, Big O, Outlaw Star, Wolfs Rain, Witchhunter Robin and all those others. how wonderful. and how sad. Look what there showing now.
but Dragonball is great. The only series I didn't watch was Dragonball GT. oh yuck.
I was thinking about getting big O 2, but if I remember right, it was just as confusing as big o 1 was.
Wow, Aussie gals look cool!
that was my sexist remark for the day???? I'm watching Aussie Football league. gads, they're great. I wish I could play like that. How do they ever do that?