November 15th, 2009


RE: It just gets busier....

I can't believe all the stuff I did today. Designed a new web page for obits, pet the cat, make plans for Thanksgiving with my neighbor, hopefully, make plans with my artist friend bob to go to the art supply store Monday and go to Mass with Lee tonight. then.....on the phone with 4 different people from 8:49PM to 12:25AM. I'm tired.
but all in all, a great day.

well, if it isn't one thing....dept

my laptop battery charger cable is kaput. good news, it isn't $100.00 like it was before, its $32.00???? hmmm.. kind of a quiet day. cool, and no, didn't rake leaves. nuts.
I'm still planing on the design of the in memoriam page.
hopefully, i'll be able to come up with something nice and appropriate.
got a phone call, now the club members want a special meeting to have the technician's present to them what their options are????? lets see, got stuck by lightening, burned the heck out of everything. if you want it to work, you replace the bad components. i think thats simple, right?
but, if this is what they want.
more well,....