November 11th, 2009


Gigantis the fire monster

Well, if you take the lipstick off and  the fish net stockings, yes, it is Godzilla.  Actually, it's real released title was " Godzilla Raids again". But, I guess the American's thought disgusting him up by changing his  name would make all the difference. HA HA HA.
I couldn't find this film for the longest time. It was on Cinemax a few times back in 1983 or so, but then vaporised for almost a decade.
I was lucky, i got hold of media play verion, the original Japanese version. what a  difference. It's a nice quiet summer night. In November? ok, we don't have global Warming. this is just a quirk, right?  
how hokey can you get. a man in a rubber suit for gosh sake.  But when your a 5 year old kid, Godzilla can look like the best for play monster available. and we sure did! 
If you get this version, be sure to watch the documentary "Bringing Godzilla down to size". it is worth the price of the DVD. Just to see all the main suit actors, who played Godzilla, walking hand in hand almost brought tears to my eyes.
NEWS FLASH: if everything goes okay dokay, there will be another Godzilla film sometime in 2011. yeah.