November 9th, 2009

green plumkin

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got a very pleasent surprize last night. My pal Serge stopped by on his way home to Minnesota. I got to see photo's of his son's Simeon's glass work. I may put  on in here.

I'll finish this later. he's back and I'm buring a dvd for him of ever

Wow, that was 4 hours or so ago. I really like my friends.

This is from simeon's glass blowing collection.  He also creates sained glass and speaks fluent Japanese.   what a kid.
basically, I just took his 488 photographs, and made a slide show out of them, to music. kind of neat. I wish the program had more options to it. But before I get hooked into video, i really do need a more efficient computer than I now have. A nice Macintosh, running a power PC would be nice.  with 10 godzilla megs of ram.

oh well. dream on.
my friend looked so very old today. he was hunched over, like a 90 year old man.  We're old.  it is scary to think I may be finishing this life journey a lot more alone than I started out with.
"It doesn't matter where you came from, but only where you're going".  
I heard that  somewhere. makes oodles of sense.
well, time to plan on the dinner.  progressio soup?  lentil. yummy.