November 7th, 2009

Yakari Smiling

A nice, warm, lite breeze Saturday .

I guess it was also a great football day too.  Did a lot of writing and getting the articles done for the newsletter. started creating the next page in our web site, a little something for those folks who are no longer with us.  difficult to think about.
Bob stopped by and asked me to help him get some sour dough bread. unfortunetly, he didn't place a order for said goods, so they didn't have any by the time we got there.  so he settled for 6 oatmeal cookies and a loaf of wheat bread. his diabetes is really acting up on him. I think it won't be long before he won't be able  to drive anymore.  "Thats a good thing!"
I then got ready to go to Mass, but it never happened. events got screwy, but nothing we couldn't handle.

So, now I'm watching Aeron Flux, the real action movie. I like it.

I am also listening to some new music from Germany, and when I learn how to pronounce their name, I'll tell you who they are.
Good stuff.
Geneshalf all anim

hey, it looks like our goverment is finally doing something for us, not

them. yeah....... Does this mean no more tea parties???  or, are we going to have events like the French Revolution?
its starting to look like a better place to live. yeah.

I'm watching Avalon, by Mamoru Ooshi. gads, what a writer/director.    I just got "Lost in Translation " today.  I love Bill Murray.  I really thought "The Razor's Edge" was his best work.  But I guess "Caddy Shack" is okay dokay too. whatever shows his talent best.