November 6th, 2009


An even cooler Friday....hey, winter isn't here till next month.

Got a lot done today. closed one bank account, took some trash out to buy yum yums. got hersey's candy bars, cause  my  neighbor loves them but won't buy them for herself.( i'm working my way into her heart through her  tummy)

called and made arraingments to have our repeater gone over. yeah. went to the credit union place and applied, will cross my  fingers on that one. went grocery shopping and got more than what I wanted, but all good stuff.
gave my pal money for gas, and he took it. yeah.
Now I'm watching Aussie football League on the Megahertz channel. great stuff.
feeling much more relaxed. ah....about time.

ah...there's nothing like holding a warm kitty kat in your lap while

watching Texhnozy. yeah.  also petting him and scratching him. that goes along with having a kitty kat in your lap.
We've been invited to three Thanksgiving day dinners! wow, when it rains, it pours.
One is out of state, like Minnesoda and the other one is across the street. and they all allow cats.  I never thought I'd like kitty kats like I do, but they kind of grow on you. ( like a wart!)