November 3rd, 2009

windows xp autumn

a cold November day...

but, no rain or snow....yet.
I spent time thinking how to create a obit page that doesn't look like a obit page. try doing that  some time.
also started the  process in getting a pass port.  interesting.
I also went to the store and got a few yummies, nothing I can't live without, but I thought after watching the entire "Bubblegum Crisis, 2032 and Bubblegum Crisis 2040 plus, bubblegum Crisis crash, I might give it a go  by watching a little Go Nagi. I love his characterizations. they look vulnerable while being strong will and purposeful. what a talent.
I'm so stressed I made coffee tonight by putting in the right amount of coffee, and then really screwed up, I must have put over 12 cups of water in the tank!   yuckie. I'm tired of this non-sense.
below is a nice photo taken by a traverler in Japan. I think this defines the word, quaint.

what an adventure it would be to spend oodles of time looking into each shop and seeing their ware.  
over here in the states,  " Black and  Decker" just bought "Stanley works". or something like that.