November 1st, 2009

Geneshalf all anim

turning clocks back a whole hour

I wonder what idiot dreamed this day light saving non-sense ( Benjarmin Franklin)  But my electronic stuff was all made before Prez Bush expanded the hours. yuckie.
But on the good side, I've been invited to join the crew of a 43 foot sail boat on her maiden cruise. Might be interesting. On the Lake Michigan and maybe beyond. ( if we get really lost, we could be having tea with Kisa and Cupkate!)
I'm tired and Kelly is upstairs with his pooch. That means I have to kind of watch scooter the cat to be sure they don't get into a fight. cats and dogs you know.

Well, happy November 1st.  oh, i think we had maybe 24 kids for trick and treating tonight. lowest number ever.
Geneshalf all anim

a nice quiet sunday...sort of..

yes, i did do the laundry and actually did manage to start writting the 4 obits for the newsletter. now i'm watching "Bubblegum Crisis 2040". I started watching "BubbleCrisis 2032" last night and then "Bubblegum Crisis crash".  I miss the good old days when we could watch these shows every  night. now......
Bill came over last night dressed like....well.....look for yourself..

Yes, boys and girls, this is how adults behave when your not looking.  scary, isn't it.

actually, we had oodles of fun.  This "gal" went into Burger  Kings to get us a meal and you should have seen the glances he, I mean she got.  Wow. This was a great holloween. From a Roll's to a Roll????

back to Bubblegum crisis.