October 30th, 2009


What a gorous day

I couldn't even tear myself away from enjoying this day to finish raking the leaves, even though I'm pretty sure it's going to rain like cows and geese the next day or so.
October sucked!
I lost a very good friend,
lost 4 more friends before the month was over,
did an imitation of a yo-yo for a while and then, just start to relax.

Scooter the cat has been getting really lovey dovey lately.
I am so very glad its just about over. I used to love the fall, I think I'll pass on next years.

I am getting serious about finding out what it takes to get a passport, plane fares, hotels and ect. Just to visit Japan.
"What do I hope to accomplish if I go there?"

Why, hopefully, become invigorated by a different culturre and its people.   Sounds stupid, but there is just so much of this non-sense I can stand before it all appears goofy.
ok, still sounds nutty? oh well.

Hey, my old alma matter just changed their web site. wow.

give it a glance will you.

It sure got big. But still no Ph.D. in psy. bummer. But then again, i always did want to finish my format schooling at MSU. Thats where several of my GREAT professor got their skills from. it's hard work to become a scholar, when your a hillbilly from down south. But he did.
Well, time to decide if I want the GODZILLA pizza from papa johns for tomorrow night.

interesting end to a funny week.

just got off the phone with a pal. he's got really bad ailments due to serving in Vietnam. Agent orange really did a number on him as well as the stress. poor guy.
we both were braging about how we didn't accomplish anything of significance today.  We wore these badges with honor!
For Holloween, he is going to dress up as a women????? skirt, minus high heels. I guess no fish net stocking for him?
( is this how it feels when you looses your mind?)

It looks like I will be handing out candy with kelly tomorrow night. His gal friend may or may not be here.  I seem to be the only neighbor giving out candy, but with the flu spreading like wild fire, I don't blame parents for keeping their kids home.
I heard that Japan had 1,000,000 flu cases last week alone. What do we have going on here?
Is this the really end of times?  goes give one pause.

well, its time to hold the scooter cat and pet him till the cows come home. moo moo.