October 26th, 2009


Watching Abe's Haibane

I wonder what Abe is doing now days. I just realized I have 4 or 5 of his series.
Went to the grocery store today to get kitty litter. yum yum????
ok ok, i got some people food, like wheat bread, chicken noodle soup and some other health food.
My pal from Muskegon brough me over a can of coffee. Seems, he keeps his eye out for deals for me. He used to live with me and we went swimming together and worked out together at the local college gym. He was hunting for girls, I was hunting for a leaner body. ( the girls came to me while I was exercising. now thats kind of funny, me thinks)

I hear  that a old friend of mine passed away last Friday. He had bone cancer. I'm  losing friends fast, or so it would seem.  Just a part of life I guess.

My other pal said he has a computer camera and mic I can use.  about time. Just think, you may actually see me in real time. I think Justin Timberlake doesn't have anything to worry about.

we're all getting the flu over here and boy, it seems like it develops in extreams. its either light, or really overwhelming. yuck. I'll be glad when this crap is over with. what next.

Well, how do you like this theme?

I can remember when folks on LJ would invest oodles of time creating their own personalized themes. I don't see that happening as often now days. I guess there are many other things that take up ones attention.
Today is just as gloomy as the last 4 days have been. rainy, dark, windy, cool to cold. yuck. and it is only the last week of October!
Egads. What is the winter going to be like?

Just got back.

had a roaring good time helping my one legged friend bob, go into an art supply store. All I really did was open the doors for him. He seems to be switching from pencil to acyclic. interesting.  The store was busier than I thought it would be. We might hold "Art Prize", but we don't really have a lot of working people around here either. If it wasn't for public service and big corps, it would be kind of empty.

I'm still thinking about taking a life changing vacation. I'm not sure what you would call it, but something like that. Not decided where to go either. I'm still thinking about Asia. But exactly what could I accomplish within 10 days or so.?

we'll see.

I just translated Japanese into English, using the Google tool bar...

"Is this translation accurate?" It reads ok and makes sense, but.....
I had a great time tonight. finished watching Hanibene.  That was one of the most expensive series I ever got.  it was the first time I picked out a new series that hadn't been out long. This was great.  I only wish Cartoon Network would have shown it.
So, how was your day?   win the lottery?  Girlfriend got you a new 55 inche HDTV?
My friend wanted me to get him a bag of snickers dark chocolate or milkyway dark chocolate. The Milky way I've heard of, but not the snickers.

Well, Windows 7 is now out. and.........