October 24th, 2009

Otanas translation

I was thinking about Twitting....is it worth it?

i know most of my friends here on LJ are also twitters, but I just haven't caught the bug yet.
I also don't own a cell phone, so maybe that would be a problem?
I'm glad folks like wireless communications, we "Hams" have had it for over 60 years or so.  I just wish folks would be just a tad more curious about the inner workings of the gadgets. thats what I love to do.
just don't take them apart.

a wonderful saturday: dreary, cold, rainy, everything is either wet or soggy. and of course, there's nothing on TV.  I see they have a taped Aussie FL game on, I'll give that a watch.

I'm also pondering taking my first vacation since 1971.  but this time, it would be outside of the U.S.. I 'm kind of leaning towards either Japan ( gads, how can anybody afford to buy anything there?) to Australia. I think the great out back would be a great experience. From an airplane, of course. oh well.
It's nice to get away from the cold, harsh reality of this world.