October 23rd, 2009


ah. rain, rain and guess what? RAIN

well, we need it, but it sure doesn't allow me time to pick up the leaves. Tomorrow I've got to go to the bank and close my accounts and open up a new one at a credit union. but which one?  Are credit unions okay dokay?  I'm not really interested in getting a free toaster. ( some of our financials actually offer a free toaster with an new account opened up.)

I'm seriously thinking of visiting Asia. ok, maybe even AAustralia and New Zealand.  I'm exploring it now. I think it would be cool.
yes. its a nice idea.
Otanas translation

well, that certainly was different...

Ah...there's nothing like taking a brisk walk in cold rain and wind blowing up your face.  All I needed was this to be January with the temp of 10'.  But it wasn't that bad. I now know I do not have the flu. I do need to get in much better shape. Lose a "Little" weight and increase my stamina. yeah.
I was thinking that I haven't taken any time off from everything, since 1971.  maybe, I'll take a little trip to visit some of my blog friends around the world.  What do you think?  England, Paris, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Hmmmm sounds like a fun and adventurous thing to do.

But this is just right off the top of my head. I think it would be nice to meet some of you.
9AM this morning, I put a english roast in the slow cooker. Its been cooking since then and now, being 4:31PM, the aroma is just great. I can't wait till 6PM. your all invited too.

ok, back to the relaxing mode.