September 25th, 2009

Sassame cooking

Meat loaf and pulled pork....yum

Bill stopped by today. He baked his daughter and me a meat loaf. yum. and, 2 lbs of pulled pork. Pulled pork seems to be an acquired taste. but its good. not sure how healthy, but it sure beats tomato soup.
I almost decided to pick up the leaves in the front yard, but it was simply too beautiful to do that today.
my friend came by after going to bankruptcy hearing. he is now squeky clean. for the moment.
Gads. I feel so alone with everything that is going on in my life right now. I do have my neighbor lady behind me, and she is still, yet, interested in me. Now I wonder why that is??? I do not encourage her.
maybe I should lighten up??
What exactly do I want/ need right now??
I know this sounds and is, rambling. but I've got a ton of stress going on right now. I think I may have made the right decision, but who can really tell?
I promise. I'll come clean with whats going on and then you'll understand why the helter shelter writing.
windows xp autumn

Hope springs eternal...

I'm watching "Dragonball Z season 2". I also had some more meat loaf. yum. boy, Bill sure makes it good. Got a call from Kelly. He is closing up the camp site and will have to look for a place to live. I offered him my brother's room, but I forgot he has the dog. hmmmm. maybe we can work something out. ( I have a cat).
tomorrow, I might pick up the leaves off the front yard. early blanket of leaves cover everyting. yuck.