September 21st, 2009

windows xp autumn

soggy monday.

i tried to sleep in, but scooter the cat didn't like hearing the rain hitting the window.
busy busy day. first, 3 members of the club came over with all the junk from the communications trailer. yippee. I got more crap stored in my basement. yeah.
then, after they left, my other friend stopped by to string me along. He wanted to 1. get gas. 2. stop by the art store to buy $32.00 worth of pencils 3. waste some more of my time.
then he left and then, my other friend came by. He bought me stuff from the grocery store. how sweet.
Still, didn't get the phone call I need/ want to receive.
windows xp autumn

I have a new love...

No, not the long haired kind. Aussie rules football. I'm watching the Lion's and the Brisbands. I can't read the name on the jersey's. I thought our Football was tough. ha ha ha. I can't believe these mate's play this hard and do not seem to get hurt that much. amazing. I also noticed that the word "Playstation" was on the officials shirt.
the 4th quarter just started. WB 74 BL 37. My mates need to get into the game.