July 28th, 2009


IBM buys SPSS for over 1.billion???

I didn't see that one coming. I used SPSS when in college and loved it. That was the only program I used that never failed. Never. I actually thought about looking up the student version. I might do that yet today.

Sad news from the animal kingdom. One of my best friends, who shows Samoyed dogs, just lost her cat Merlin. 15 year old cat that loved samoyed's and would, like my scooter cat, talk to her. Kidney failure. I cried when I read her testimonial about Merlin. These critters do share in our life!
I felt my oats yesterday, so paid my credit card payment. sigh. this is all I could think of doing when I feel my oats??? sad, but true. I need to socialize more and get out.