July 14th, 2009


busy day and I got the lawn mowed.

boy, I did good, huh. Paid bills without crying, picked up soome necessary snacks so I could watch 'Meet Joe Black" and now I'm watching "Heavy Metal". Brings back memories. I watched this first run at one of the large screen movie houses.
I was a real good boy. I ate all my greens. green peppers, cucummbers, lettuce, radishes and onions. yum.
No, no dressing. I love the taste of vegies all by themselves.
so tomorrow, I'll have to walk up to "The most expensive" vegie store in the whole world, and replace what I ate. yum. this is summer after all.
oh, I did mow the lawn. wow, it sure is dry out there. I put the sprinkler on for about 4 hours. hope it turned it green.