May 27th, 2009


Is this the begining of the end?

Thats what some of my friends have been saying to me. Something about North Korea, Packistan and Iran all becoming nuclear. does give one pause when one considers how much they seem to value human life. Now thats scary.
I haven't felt too hot lately. Arithritis has really been chewing me up lately. I even refilled my celbrex prescription today. yuck.
Maybe I'll watch "Trigun" or WXIII.
hope you all have had great Memorial day.

Oh, I forgot to share....

BMG music service is going out of business as of June 23 or so. no more feature selections to deal with. Gosh, I've been a member with them since August 1994.
I bough a whole lot of CD's from them. now I'm left with either Amazon or Deepdiscount.