April 20th, 2009

Boys be boys

"The Long and Short of it"

I just watched the extra stuff on the Lord of the Rings Dvd's.
Kind of nice.
For some unknown reason, New line cinema has pulled all of the LOTR DVD's off the shelve.?????

Nice sunday. rain and now the grass will become greener. yeah.


well, delivered one today, but the other is sitting here, with a possible blown mobo, or at best, video card.
and my puter is acting up too.
so, I'm watching "Ikiru".
interesting week ahead.

rain. snow, temp in the 30's and then 80's for saturday.

Calgon, take me away from this.

oh, scooter the cat is much much better. I gave the vet a call and thanked the vet for the healthy cat.
nice way to start the week.