April 7th, 2009

witchRobin3 anim

well, wasn't that special..

Msu lost to Tar heels. ok.
it didn't snow or rain over here. we missed the whole  show.
It seems like I spent the whole late afternoon and early evening on the phone trying to help a friend mend his computer and sort out a bunch of junk.
My grocery pal stoped by: Seems one of his customers said the wrong thing to him and  he just wanted to be alone for 2 days.
We're supposed to go grocery shoping this coming Thursday. I hope. Now I have to make a new list.
This is Holy Week.

I ordered a pair of Carthertt pants.
I just got through watching "Van Hellsing" with Hugh Jackman.
I thought Scooter the  cat had gotten out and I let my dinner get cold while I looked up stairs and walked around the house. A board we used to support the huge Air Conditioner was laying on the floor. Guess who did that. and its just big enough for a certain cat to squeeze out of.
but no, he was sound asleep under the TV.
so back to  finishing my cold chilly. yummy.

ok, lets see what Tuesday bring.