March 16th, 2009

Familar face

May the Saints perserve you...

Happy saint Patricks day.

ah to be Irish and getting so sloshed I can't stand up. The good old days fer sure.

I had a pleasant surprise early this morning. about 12:40AM, my pal serge drove in from Morris Mn. he was tired, but we had a good chat. today, he went out and kind of bough us lunch, home style. Seeing how he forgot the important stuff like lettuce, tomato, Mayo, onions and Rye bread. ah... now thats a club sandwitch. of course I forgot the pickles. dummy.

Had a nice day. tomorrow is supposed to be better. if it is, i'll go out and start yard cleaning. I do think its a tad early, but it could be a good excuse to get out and do some badly needed yard work.
My pal will be having lunch with his daughter.