March 12th, 2009

windows xp autumn

D.O.A. the oridginal one

I remember watching this movie while waiting for my mum to get back from a New Years party. that was, 1954 or earlier?  I was a tad little boy, eating potato chips with philadeliphia cream cheese and drinking 7 UP. I thought this was a super cool movie at the time. Of course, back then, it was black and white.  Funny how one remembers things like this.  We had an upright piano and I used the bench as like a coffee table. Improvise is the key to sucess.

oh, did I mention, its snowing outside and is plenty cold. wow. I'm so sick of this nonsense.
I want green grasses, shorts, walking around the block, hearing the birds and bees. ah....but tonight, they'd freeze.