March 7th, 2009

bonsai Tree

Daylight savings time..whoopie do...

remember to push your clocks hour hand ahead one whole hour. ( or rearrange the led by one hour)
interesting saturday. woke up with the  phone ringing: a friend needed help with his e-mail client. another friend wanted to know if I was going to Mass with him tonight. Then Bob stopped by after spending a whole morning at art. But no Karl. must have got caught up with family life.
went to Mass and was  saddened by the small number of parishioners attending.. I guess everybody gets old.
came back home and found grandpa serge had called: tried to call him but no answer.
couldn't decide what to watch tonight. Watched Trackenberg terror, or the huge eye.  then I just put on "Big O". where ever do these folks come up with these weird names.
burned another dvd of japanese photographs and music. wonderful music and  dancing of geisha's.  I can't wait to go to Japan and see it for myself. someday.......
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    watching "Big O"