January 31st, 2009


yeah for Friday nights

snow,cold and more snow and more cold.
well, Calgon take me away didn't work.  The mailman had a sore throat today, all the shoveling I did to make his life easier went unnoticed. He was sick. I like my mailpersons. they are always nice, talkative and did I say friendly? well they are.
My friend called tonight. He seems to have gottened a scapular and now wants to go through the  whole routine. but, with me along.

then another friend called and  he wanted to ask me some questions: he said he was on a mission. I've got a good feeling about this.

I'm still watching Gargoyles. I wish they were still on.
Hey, today is the last day of cold, snowy January. yeah. starting sunday, February 1st, it will be 80 degrees and green grass and bikinis and lazy days......

The last few minutes of January 31th.

I wish the end of January could mean the end to 1.snow, 2. cold and bills. dream all I like. winter is just half over. bills never stop.

I am not going to watch the super bowl. I hope the cardinals win, but also pit.  whats a boy to do/???  no, not that!

I got a call this afternoon from Kelly's brother Marc: he was just tickled pink that he could get on the internet. I gave him one of my old computers I got from the hospital and also a "little" software. It was great to hear  that. Now I have to think about how to protect him from on-line virus's. good luck.
I think I can see a Mac in my near future.....

Goodbye January...

Hello February.

so, how many of you want chocolates for valentines day??