January 29th, 2009


City of stone....Gargoyles

I have forgotten how good Gargoyles is...was. 
The only other series I spent so much time and tape on, was Gundam Wing, operation.
I really enjoy both of them. Lets see, if I look at the new stuff on Cartoon Network.....

Ok I guess they do have good stuff on. I was lucky I guess. I came in when everything was put on the air.

Another nice night. snow, cold, snow and .....more snow...

Calgon, take me away...
Lets see, I have that sort of girlfriend down in saint croix, and I know a family in Finland.  wait a minute.  scratch that finland. They have a lot of snow and cold.
I  guess I'll just wait.
Yogi pointing

see the pretty doggie....he is pointing at the lovely snow falling....and falling...and....

gads, I'm getting sick of this! I love winter out of all the seasons. It is so tranquil and silvery beautiful. ah......
but eating too much ice cream can make one sick too.
I want warm temps, shorts, bikinis, ( no, not me, my friends) ice tea, lemonade.
I went outside and shoveled snow. ouch. my legs are hurting. Time to rest my legs and have a nice quiet night.
watching Gargoyles. It is a great series.