January 23rd, 2009

Dog ears1anim

Interesting Friday. we've got another artic front moving through.

yeah. I got my first part of winter's gas bill: $233.00.. Thats great! My neighbors is over $300.00. I called my furnace man and thanked him for his excellent work.( his gas bill was $289.00) Go figure.

I also got my DTV converter. whoopee... Let's hope it works longer than I think it will.

I was amazed at all the attention being paid President Obama. and he's working hard . YEAH.
It's only been 3 days, but I do have hope now. The world will/has changed, no doubt about it, but I know we're in good hands. Hands that may fail, but they'll fail honestly.

and now, for a weekend treat.

I'm a Inuyasha fan and can't get season one's end title song out of my head.
so here it is, performed by Dream. See if it sticks in your head too!