January 15th, 2009

yumyum anim

Now Listen....I'm almost sick of this artic nonsense.......

I called Serge this afternoon. When his wife took off for work at 8AM, it was 35' degrees below zero. This was actual temp, not wind chill. while over here, it was a hot 4 degrees or so.
I missed President Bush's fairwell speech tonight.
Scooter and me have decided that we will help keep each other warm during this cold snap. He curls up on my lap and I get to pet and scratch him till he's had enough. some deal. oh, there is one benefit. static electricity. every other time I pet Scooter, I shock him. LOL. But he forgives me. Till I shock him again. This could turn into a habit. Naw. I like him too much.
Kelly stopped by and wanted me to help him pick out a desktop computer. Wow, I thought they would have had some swell deals. They don't. Now thats a puzzle.
He's going to stop by Best Buy and Circuit city later this coming weekend.
Now, on to "Fist of the North Star". Go get them Ken.