January 14th, 2009


ah, the excitement and adventure of spending a whole afternoon on the phone

It must be like having a honeymoon 20 years after the wedding: your not too sure why your doing it!
I was talking with a fellow club member when the topic of our artic weather came up. I simply asked if maybe we should postpone it. One thing led to another and I decided after conferring with other members to cancel tonights meeting. Thats nice. Now, to let 22 people know this before the meeting. Even with dividing up the telephone calls, I still got to gab with folks I haven't talked with for quite some time. One member just found out he has been effected by agent orange. another one's wife was having her 43 birthday tomorrow, so I sang Happy Birthday to her. it goes on and on and on. I even called the local TV station and they put our cancelling on the little bar that runs across the screen.
Ok. so now I suggest mike and I go out for dinner, since we always go to Steak and shake after the club meeting anyway. But we went to Burger King. $9.90 for two chicken sandwitches and two coffes and fries. wow. prices sure have gone up since I was a young lad. LOL.
Now its time to finish watching war of the Garanuens.